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MagmaRails, and Enterprise Architecture with Rails

This year's MagmaRails , where I was cordially invited to speak alongside Dr Nic , Aaron Patterson , Ron Evans , Blake Mizerany , Les Hill ,  Daniel Fischer and many more talented speakers from Mexico and USA, went without a hitch in a beautiful Manzanillo Municipality, Colima, Mexico. Organized by Crowd Interactive , this was by far one of my favorite conferences based on the amount of stuff learned, quality of personal interactions, general level of enjoyment, and also, of course, the drinking that went on with all the other fellow attendees and the speakers.  What a blast! Can't wait for the next one. Meanwhile, I've revised my presentation that was originally conceived for SFROR meetup, with more clarity, and a whole new section on how to get things started up and move fast, based in part on an ongoing professional experience at Here is the presentation!  Please leave comments for any feedback or suggestions. Enterprise Architecture with Ruby (and R

Starting a modern agile rails 3 project for a scale, from scratch - Part 0

As I am entering my fifth month working at Wanelo , I feel very fortunate to be working with an amazing group of creative and compassionate people , building an awesome new application for the new generation social shopping platform that Wanelo had become. Because it is all so new — the team, infrastructure, the new application, we had to quickly make a lot of fundamental decisions about what toolsets to use, what processes to follow, how to optimally develop the new code, and how to build features as quickly as possible, how to minimize the amount of technical debt, and how not to forget about the scale (we have plenty of traffic already). Most of all, we wanted to have a ton of fun along the way :) The stack For our technology stack we chose Rails 3.2.3, Ruby 1.9.3 and PostgreSQL 9.1 as our base choices for the application. Besides these very fundamental choices, there are easily hundreds of tiny everyday decisions that a team on a new rails project needs to make. Once the basi