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mc-settings: Gem created at ModCloth for managing configuration

We at ModCloth have been for a while focused on sharing some of the code we've written with the community, to give back to the open source.
MC-Settings is a cute little gem that provides smart ways of managing your multi-platform/per-deployment application configuration in a convenient set of YAML files, which are easily managed and activated using Capistrano.
For example, beyond configuration that is specific to Rails environment (such as production, development, etc), you may have configuration that is machine specific, or a cluster specific, etc. For example, if you run on multiple clusters, application servers on one cluster may need to use one set of MemCached servers, while your second cluster could have another set. How do you manage configuration in your deployments in such a way that allows sensible defaults, and per-system, cluster, environment overrides?
This is where MC-Settings gem comes in. Read up below on how to use the gem, and typical patterns that work with Ca…

RailsConf 2011 Best of Sessions

Below I put together my personal list of best RailsConf 2011 presentations that have online slides or PDFs. I put my comments next to each. Click on the link, then click on the "slideshow" or "PDF" links for each talk.ActiveSupport 3: What We Should Know About What We Don't Know - how to use ActiveSupport in your ruby apps and get lots of behaviors and useful stuff for freeBuilding Bulletproof Views really decent presentation on state of views in general, and best practices. Recommended reading.Building Pageless Apps with Rails and Backbone JS is a great presentation on a new up and coming JS client side framework for building reach apps on the client using pure MVC.David Heinemeier Hansson -- keynote, worth watchingFrom 1,000 Transactions a Month to 1 million in a Day: Lessons in Credit Card Processing from LivingSocial - cool presentation on how BrainTree API is used to encrypt card data in JavaScript before submitting to BT for processing. Lots of other us…

mms-mime: MM7/MMS MIME parsing gem gem was written with a simple aim to parse MM7 wrapped binary and base64 encoded MMS messages received via MM7/XML HTTP post from an MM7 compatible gateway connection (such as OpenWave, OpenMarket, etc).The gem provides a simple way to parse and access MMS message contents, such as from, to, subject and content parts (including image and text parts).