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Techtarget's Java ServerSide Symposium 2009 Impressions

Just got back from Vegas where between Wednesday and Friday a small- ish java conference was taking place. This was my second one, the first being five years ago in 2004. Of course it's hard not to compare, and I find myself doing it anyway... I can't help but feel that the excitement has left java server software. Remembering one of the very first java conferences in Sydney 1995, when it was still almost academic and less of an industry conference, I feel like we've come to an end of an era. The tedious reality of maintaining enormous enterprise systems built over the the last decade has sinked in, and unfortunately there is nothing exciting about it, but everything difficult and complex. Those less fortune whose systems took advantage of EJB 1 and EJB 2s will suffer the most, as those are dying technologies and are rapidly being replaced by simpler more component friendly software. The first set of simplification came with frameworks over the last five years - Spri