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Domain Registration Mayhem

I don't think it's a secret that the domain registration business is kinda whack. Just look at all the domain parking companies out there which take "shady business" to the whole new meaning. What I don't understand is the rationale behind some of the rules that govern domain business. For instance... How does NetworkSolutions Inc gets away with charging $34.99 a year? Seriously... WTF? I am hosting my domains with 1&1 Hosting , which charges $6.99 a year. This seems like a reasonable price, but here's the main reason the guys like NetworkSolutions are still in business: You can not transfer your domain 2-3 weeks prior, and two months after the date of your domain renewal. This dead simple, but annoying rule guarantees that everyone who WANTs to transfer their domain, but is trying to wait till last minute and/or forgets till last minute, CAN NOT move their domain to a more competitive provider. Please give me one good explanation on how this

More music is on its way...

Telene and I have been taking advantage of the crappy weather and doing recording sessions of the tracks for the new album. In addition, this morning the lovely Amber Johnston dropped by our studio and recorded a take or two.. The result - two new awesome songs, with a very different feel. Can't wait to get the album out, but realizing that patience is a virtue. There are at this moment eight tracks in a near completion stage, for the total of about 45 minutes brand spanking new PolyGroovers . Sorry, but we don't want to put the tracks up until the whole album is complete, although this one - Spin Cycle for Delicates and Romantics has been available for download for some time now... instrumental only, this is a good massage for the bone behind the ears :)

Oh no, I am Back!

Yay, blog move is finally complete, and here we are -- with a shiny new dedicated blog domain name, and a Blogger/Google-based account. Blogger has gone a long way since I moved to WordPress from my original blogger account. My main reason for this renewed love is the flexibility with CSS/HTML template, domain name support and ability to add javascript to your blog is also pretty sweet. In general, it just feels like they trust you more with your own blog here at Blogger. WordPress ends up being ruled by a pretty draconian law, and breeds rather annoyingly hawkish forum users. Without too much product-bashing, I'm just happy to be done with the move, which unfortunately had to be manual. Keep an eye out for a set of new posts about drop down menues and REST.