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We been representin'!

So recently I had a really fun experience working at the Blurb (the company I work for) booth at MacWorld , where the booth was bombarded with non-stop attention. We felt sorry for the booths next to us, some of which had a hard time luring people in, while for us the problem was that of survival - how to you survive five+ hours of talking about your product, with tiny water and bathroom breaks in between, and many eager visitors waiting for your attention. Of course it is awesome to see your company and product be so timely and successful, and so many people excited about the possibilities it offers. As a software engineer you don't often get to talk to the users, witness their pain or glory, you just get to hear about it from a distrgruntled customer service rep who gets all the blame, or a from a marketing person who gets all the glory. So this was certainly refreshing and energizing experience. At some point in the day I was approached by someone with a request to take a

Oh Firefox, why aren't thou working?

Oh Firefox, why aren't thou working? Once in a while, you stop responding. My keyboard types, my fingers stomping... But you're ignoring our bonding. We've had so many joyful years Together - sharing laughter, tears Despise for impotent Explorer The fear, the weakness and the horror. And now look at what you've done You've turned yourself into a pun A joke on browsers and alike I can't go on with this last strike. And so I am leaving for another Her name's Safari, and she'd rather Be there, when I need her most. I am sorry. Our love is lost.